Manta Token

Build loyalty with transferable and tradable assets

The instant transferable and tradable asset to build loyalty between brands and customers

Manta Tokens represents an easily adoptable solution for businesses wanting to access a higher level of customer interaction, engagement and retention without intermediaries using the blockchain. Manta Tokens are valued in real-time and can be transferred or redeemed by users for discounts, products and services. While giving current customers an instant gratification system, brands can access a new pool of users within the Manta ecosystem as a unique point of contact that allows one to one marketing campaigns with close loop process. The Manta environment opens to a wide range of business opportunities and new ways of classifying value:

Boost user’s interaction and engagement rewarding tokens towards user’s actions

Creation of brand new assets customized upon the business needs

Security and transparency of payments incentivizing the adoption of tokens by users

Reimagining of traditional assets through new design and branding solutions